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Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go! Deluxe Edition

Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go! Deluxe Edition

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All journeys face perils, whether from indecision, from loneliness, or worst of all, from too much waiting. Seuss' familiar pajama-clad hero is up to the challenge, and his odyssey is captured vividly in busy two-page spreads evoking both the good times (grinning purple elephants, floating golden castles) and the bad (deep blue wells of confusion). Dr. Seuss's message is simple but never sappy in this joyous ode to life and success: Life may be a "Great Balancing Act," but through it all, "There's fun to be done." There are few books that are given as often as this one is. It's one of the most popular gifts for all celebrations, especially graduations. It speaks to people of all ages, telling the tale of life's wonderful journeys: The ups and downs, the choices we make, and the opportunities we're given. No graduate should go on without reading this book.

Format: Hardcover, Deluxe Cloth Slipcased Edition, 48 pp.
ISBN: 0679847367
Publisher: Random House, Incorporated
Publication Date: April 1993
Recommended Age Range: 12 and up

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